Friday, April 20, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 7

Week 7:
During Week 7 your baby will be about 1/2 of an inch long. Her eyes and ears are continuing to develop. Her eyelids are almost all the way grown.

The brain and spinal cord are almost fully developed. The lobes of the brain can be seen by ultrasound. Nerves that will soon become the Central Nervous System (CNS: Brain and Spinal Cord) are branching out and connecting to each other to form a primitive pathway for the CNS. Researchers estimate that 100 thousand new nerve cells are created every minute in your growing baby. By the time your baby is born she will have over 10 Million intertwined nerve cells.

Her cells are growing and multiplying rapidly and before she is born they will become 40 pairs of muscles and 23 pairs of vertebrae, all originating from her spinal column.

The organs in her body are growing as well. Among them are the appendix, pancreas, lungs, bronchi in the lungs, and the intestines.

Her toes and fingers have lengthened and now her elbow, wrist, and knee joints are noticeable. Her head sits more erect, and her body limbs are moving.

You might be noticing a bit of weight gain. Also be prepared for mood swings because of the huge surge of hormones that your body is experiencing.

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